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GRIP- Gaining Results In Intervention and Prevention


A Substance Abuse Intervention For Families & Students in Secondary Schools


To improve student achievement, discipline, and attendance and to reduce substance abuse in the Cobb County School District by providing a substance abuse intervention program to students who have violated certain rules and/or policies of the Cobb County School District and their parents.

GRIP gives parents and students an option to reduce out of school suspension by completing the four hour program.

Students involved with extracurricular activities that are suspended from their activity due to policy violation must complete the program to return to their activity (or any other activities in the future).

Please complete and return the contract to Student Assistance Programs by email to Jennifer.Novak@cobbk12.org or fax to 678-594-8630.  The contract must be signed by both the student and the parent/guardian. Please call the Office of Student Assistance Programs at 678.581.6803 with any questions.


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