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Powering The Technology That Promotes Student Success

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Our teachers know more about our students because we have made a commitment to giving the best technology to our teachers and leaders. We are able to answer questions about what our students know, what resources they need to succeed, and what tools are most effectively used by teachers.

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Chief Technology & Operations Officer


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The Support our Community Needs

Find the support, access, and fast resolutions you need to advance student learning, so students are future ready and able to achieve success.

The Support Our Team Needs

Our team aims to improve efficiency by equipping administrators, teachers, and students with the technology support they need to achieve success.

The Access Our Team Needs

Our technology team provides top-tier technical resources to staff across the District to help them prepare our students to be future ready.

The Fast Resolutions Our Team Needs

Teachers and administrators should be concentrating on advancing student learning, not resolving technical issues. That is why our team strives to increase the speed at which problems are resolved by using remote tools, a ticketing system, and maintaining an improved line of communication.

Safety, the first priority

Part of ensuring a safe learning environment includes providing students with a safe experience when they use the internet and other digital resources.

Connection Established

Many students bring their own technology, like tablets and smart phones, to aid their learning. Thanks to the technology team, students can seamlessly connect their devices to access the District technology resources.

Look to the Future

Part of preparing Cobb students to be future ready is continuing to design, test, and implement new district wide technologies to keep the school system at the forefront of innovation.

Maintain Reliable Service

In order for our teachers to continue teaching and students to continue learning, our team focuses on preventing and minimizing technology outages.

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Cobb Technology is State-of-the-Art

All Cobb classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including, district wide IPTV, as well as over 8,000 21st century classroom solutions with interactive flat panels.  Additionally, remote and blended learning are now supported as all Cobb students have the option to receive individual laptops.  

Increasing Connections

The technology team supports the districtwide VoIP/Intercom initiative, which includes a phone in every classroom and crisis alert badges for every staff member, thereby providing additional means for classrooms, teachers, and students to connect with administrators during the school day.

The Infrastructure is Key

The Technology team maintains a dependable and accessible network infrastructure in support of teaching and learning.

Inform Educators

Development of the GradScope Student Performance Dashboard allows school administrators to see real time predictive data to ensure every student is on a positive path towards graduation.

Expand Access

For parents and students to have access to more information about academic performance, the Technology team continues to expand the creation of parent and student-facing online applications, like the Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS).

Gather and Present Data

The Information Systems team continues to expand the district information portal in order to collect, organize, and report vital data to leaders.

Serve All Stakeholder Areas

Staff and departments across the District work together to achieve the same goal of student success. The Information Systems team serves every school as well as all Academic departments, Accountability, Communications, Business Services, Financial Services, and Human Resources.  We strive to streamline processes and provide daily support for online applications.

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Instructional Technology

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders 

Cobb’s Instructional Technology Team is re-imagining teaching and learning!  Our team, in partnership with district stakeholders, works to ensure that our teachers and students have the technological knowledge, skills and support needed for the limitless possibilities awaiting them. Using research-based methods, our team has developed the Learning Innovation Design Program, that aligns with and supports the district’s initiatives for STUDENT SUCCESS.

Learning Innovation Design Program

The Learning Innovation Design Program is an educational paradigm shift that values learner differences and harnesses technology to allow the educator and learner to co-plan student-centered educational experiences using mobile and stationary labs. 

The Learning Innovation Design Program:

  • Supports teachers’ technology and curriculum integration skills through collaboration, training/modelling, and co-teaching;
  • Serves all students, supporting them in realizing their individual academic potential;
  • Capitalizes on each students’ individuality as an asset; and 
  • Supports learners owning their learning based on individual needs.  

Innovation Labs 

Innovation Labs, both mobile and stationary, provide digital and nondigital, high-level resources that align to curriculum and technology standards. Innovation Labs are intended to promote student-centered learning through:

  • Rigorous academic, technical, and challenge-based learning,
  • Collaborative group work amongst all stakeholders, and
  • A technology enriched curriculum that offers authentic learning experiences.

Develop Strategy  

The team provides planning, initiation, execution, monitoring and completing technology initiatives to meet the challenges of a changing world and deliver customer and stakeholder value.   

Fiscally Responsible 

Creating, optimizing, and maintaining a balanced budget to create a stable and secure environment.   

Project Driven 

The team continually adapts to the rapidly changing technology environment to ensure modernized tools are available to teachers for the success of our students.  Key initiatives include a district-wide Visitor Volunteer Management System, computing devices for CTAE programs and a Learning Everywhere environment for all students.   

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