CTLS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CTLS frequently asked questions

What do I do if I am having trouble logging into my CTLS Parent account? 

Are you the enrolling adult?  If so, click “Login using your ParentVUE account”. If you are not the enrolling adult, click the link “Don’t have a ParentVUE account?” If you are having trouble with logging into CTLS Parent, click below for a document that will walk you through the process. 

PDF - English | En Español | Em Português  

For additional support with logging in to CTLS Parent, feel free to email CTLSParent.support@cobbk12.org

How can I update my notifications in CTLS Parent? Some of my friends receive their notifications all at once in the evening vs during the day.  

You can set your preferences for how and when you are notified by selecting “My Account” in the upper-right hand corner under your name. When customizing your settings, you have the ability to turn off or on email, text and/or app notifications. You are also able to decide when you want the notifications to be sent.  You can select to have your messages delivered Instantly or as a Digest to be delivered in the evening.  

Select a document below for information on Setting your Notifications in CTLS Parent. 

PDF - English | En Español | Em Português 

What should I do if I am not receiving texts/emails from my school in CTLS Parent?

Double check your notification preferences. This document will walk you through how to check your preferences to assure you have not turned off notification for texts or emails.  

Click below for information on how to set your Notifications in CTLS Parent 

PDF - English | En Español | Em Português 

You also might need to verify your contact information. For assistance with verifying your contact information, click the document below.

PDF - English | En Español | Em Português 

I have received a notification because my child was absent from school today. What do I do with the Attendance Note? 

CTLS Parent allows families to receive an Attendance Notice from the school and reply by clicking on the “Send Note to School” icon.  Click below for instructions on replying to an Attendance Notification.

PDF - English | En Español | Em Português  

Where can I find my child’s grades in CTLS Parent? What about their Progress Reports and Report Cards?  

CTLS Parent does not house student grades, Progress Reports or Report Cards. ParentVUE will be the app for viewing all student grades and reports. Click below for more information on ParentVUE.  

 English | En Español | Em Português 

What do I do if I am not seeing all my children in my ParentVUE or my CTLS Parent account? 

Contact the Clerk at your child’s school.  

My COLA student is having issues connecting to Zoom from CTLS. How should we proceed? 

After verifying that your child has an internet connection, verify they have the latest Zoom app installed. Have the student try restarting their computer.  

If the problem persists, email Customer Care at CTLSStudent.support@cobbk12.org or call 770-426-3330.  Have your child contact their instructor to let them know they are having Zoom issues and will join as soon as they can.   

How can I update the contacts allowed to pick up my child? 

Contact the Clerk at your child’s school.  

I am the non-enrolling parent.  What is my first step in obtaining my own logins to ParentVUE and CTLS Parent accounts? 

Contact any one of your children’s schools to get a Parent Activation Key to gain access to ParentVUE and CTLS Parent. 

Who should I contact if my student logs into CTLS and doesn't see any digital classrooms? They just see a message "you aren't rostered to any classes" 

Contact your child’s teacher.  Let them know that your child is not seeing a Digital Classroom for a particular class.