Cobb Schools Celebrates Classified Employees of the Year, Names District Level Winners

Murdock Elementary School nurse Susan Murphy reacts to being named the Cobb Schools Classified Employee of the Year for the Elementary Level

Friendly, responsive, helpful, resilient, positive, kind, caring, and the epitome of strength are a few of the words of praise used to describe the Cobb Schools staff members honored as Classified Employees of the Year.

Cobb%20Schools%20Celebrates%20the%20CEOTY-135.jpgEvery year Cobb Schools leadership, Board members, and other members of the school community come together to recognize the Classified Employees of the Year (CEOTY).

During a recent luncheon, two separate groups of CEOTY were recognized for their contributions to Cobb students, Cobb schools, fellow Cobb team members, and the Cobb community. The two groups included the CEOTY who carried the title for 2020-2022, and the new CEOTY for the 2022-2023 school year. Due to the pandemic, this is the first year since  2019 that the District has been able to celebrate the CEOTY honorees. 

The recognition ceremony at Roswell Street Baptist Church also included the surprise announcements of the District CEOTY for elementary school, middle school, high school, and central office levels for each group. 

Cobb Schools CEOTY District Level Winners 2020-2022

Jean Barry
School Secretary   
Acworth Elementary School 
Elementary School Level
Kathleen Riewerts  
FNS Manager  
Daniell Middle School
Middle School Level
Ann Ellis 
School Secretary   
North Cobb High School
High School Level
William Barnes
Fleet Maintenance Department
Central Office Level

Cobb Schools CEOTY District Level Winners 2022-2023

Susan Murphy, RN
School Nurse
Murdock Elementary School
Elementary School Level
Sonya Spivey
Lindley Middle School 
Middle School Level
Terri Robbins 
School Secretary 
Kell High School  
High School Level
Julia Campbell 
Academic Division
Central Office Level

Cobb%20Schools%20Celebrates%20the%20CEOTY-78.jpgAs the District’s level winners took the stage with Superintendent Chris Ragsdale, they listened as their supervisor praised their dedication and explained why they deserved the recognition. One of those supervisors was North Cobb High School Principal Matthew Moody, who shared accolades for school secretary Ann Ellis, High School Level CEOTY for 2020-2022.

“She has done an outstanding job of creating a positive environment for our families and visitors as they come to North Cobb. Ann, we are so thankful for everything you do at North Cobb. We are extremely proud of you, and we could not imagine running North Cobb on a daily basis without you,” praised Principal Moody.

Cobb%20Schools%20Celebrates%20the%20CEOTY-132.jpgWhile their supervisors praised the honorees, the District Level CEOTY praised their teammates, crediting them for the reason they love their jobs.

“I love Kell, especially because we have such a wonderful team. I have the best principal. It's a job that I am happy to go to every single day. I look forward to it. It is just the team that makes the whole experience worthwhile,” said Kell High School secretary Terri Robbins, High School Level CEOTY for 2022-2023.

Acworth Elementary School’s secretary Jean Barry echoed that praise.

“I love everything about my job. I love my principal. I love the staff. I love the students. Every day is like a new adventure for me, and I just love everything about my day,” declared Cobb’s Elementary Level CEOTY for 2020-2022.

Cobb%20Schools%20Celebrates%20the%20CEOTY-74.jpgOthers had slightly different reasons for why they loved their jobs.

“I have a love for food. I come from a big Italian family, and I love to be able to share that with the children and teach them about nutrition and food and different tastes and stuff,” explained Kathleen Riewerts, the Middle School Level CEOTY winner for 2020-2022 and Food and Nutrition Service Manager at Daniell Middle School. 

Cobb%20Schools%20Celebrates%20the%20CEOTY-81.jpgWilliam Barnes enjoys the satisfaction he finds from tasks as a mechanic in the Fleet Maintenance Department, plus the time off provided to District staff. The Central Office Level CEOTY for 2020-2022 loves working for Cobb County because he knows he is helping to ensure kids get to and from school every day. 

“I love the various different tasks that I perform every day. I like coming into work and having something different to do every day. I love my work family. I work with an amazing team,” shared Julia Campbell, a secretary in the Cobb Schools Academic Division and Central Office Level CEOTY for 2022-2023.

Many of the CEOTY were commended for the ways they serve the school community.Cobb%20Schools%20Celebrates%20the%20CEOTY-125.jpg

“What I love about my job is that I get to give back what I have and to be able to help the children that I serve,” shared Sonya Spivey, Lindley Middle School paraprofessional and Middle School Level CEOTY for 2022-2023. “Cobb is where I grew up and went to school, and I'm fulfilling a commitment to working and helping my community.”