Russell Receives Grant from Cobb Shark Tank

STEM Learning Trail

SharkTank.jpegThe Russell STEM Learning Trailblazer project came out of the inquisitive scientific minds of the students and teachers. The project will include 6 different interactive observation stations where students will have a chance to explore the learning standards in a very different way. It also includes bench seating, a mobile telescope, a Wi-Fi weather station, Wi-Fi Bird Buddy camera, iPads for quick research and video capture, pull-apart books for the observation stations and mulch to define the trail.

Mrs. Evans, Ms Lange, Mrs. Zych, and Mrs. Fineus plus several students pitched our idea to the Cobb Shark Tank and they granted us the money to implement the STEM learning trail. Are you ready to put on your work books and help construct the trail?? Once we get all the materials, we will be setting up a community day for everyone to come help put benches and stands together, dig holes, spread mulch, and set up the bird buddy camera and weather station.

The video of our pitch isn't posted yet. They are working to put it all together. Keep checking this link for more details: https://www.cobbtank.com/watch.html

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