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The vision of the Instructional Technology department is to prepare digital-age learners for success in a global, ever-changing society.

Cobb InTech Strategic Goals

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GOAL 1: LEVERAGE DIGITAL TOOLS FOR TEACHING, LEARNING, AND PRODUCTIVITY Leverage district provided digital tools for all stakeholders to engage, connect, assess, support student learning, communicate with parents, and empower teachers with one goal: student success.

GOAL 2: BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS  Build and sustain strong coaching relationships that will transform and grow teachers’ capacity to innovate best practices that leverage technology for teaching and learning and prepare future-ready, highly educated members of a global society.

GOAL 3: GROW INNOVATION  Grow and sustain knowledge and application of technical competencies to promote innovation, productivity, and capacity for all stakeholders in the District.

GOAL 4: AMPLIFY BEST PRACTICES Amplify instructional technology resources and best practices of teachers, leaders, staff, and students in the District.

Dr. Starla Townsend

Director of Instructional Technology

Rhonda Stanley

Executive Secretary for Technology Services

P: 770-426-3535  

F: 770-420-4950

Digital Age Classrooms

A digital age classroom is a flexible environment used to organize quality instructional practice, foster a community of learners, and seamlessly integrate digital tools. This framework effectively leverages technology to enhance student learning experiences. The Cobb Instructional Technology team supports all students, teachers, leaders, and support staff with technology productivity and integration. Learn more about what is a Technology Training Integration Specialist (TTIS) here.

The ThingLink interactive image below shows the six elements of a Digital Age Classroom. They include Monitoring Student Progress, Engaging Instructional Strategies, Digital Citizenship/Literacy, Academic Resources, Digital Workflow, and Multiple Tech Tools. These elements will support personalized learning, differentiation, professional learning, supportive learning environments, and digital communication.  Click here to access a video about Digital Age Classrooms.

Digital Resources for Cobb Students & Teachers

Click here to access Microsoft Support for Cobb Parents & Students.

Classrooms don't need tech geeks who can teach;

we need teaching geeks who can use tech.

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