Harrison Students Serve as French Tutors for Elementary Students

Harrison students serve as French language tutors.

22 years! That is how long Harrison High School students have helped elementary students strengthen their French language skills. 

About 25 Harrison French students visit Due West Elementary School each fall to work with the young learners in the After School Program. After dividing the students by grade level, the Harrison students teach fun themed lessons in small groups of 3-5 students. The Harrison students also visit Ford Elementary School and Vaughan Elementary School.

The Harrison French program strives to create an awareness and practice of the French language and culture.

The Harrison French tutoring program was started more than two decades ago by a dedicated Cobb teacher, Cathy Butts. Although she retired after 35+ years, the French tutoring program lives on.

Over the years, the Harrison students have tutored more than 1,000 elementary students. Many of the young learners, having fond memories of the French sessions, continue their French studies at Harrison and return to the elementary school where it all started to share the French language skills with a new group of students. 

“This program not only encourages global awareness and love of learning the French language, it also strengthens a historical bond between Harrison High School and Due West Elementary,” shared Tracy Weir, Harrison French teacher. “The high school students are joyfully giving back to their community, and the elementary students learn something unique from peer mentors.”