This is Cobb: Hero Bus Driver Saves Student’s Life

Hero Bus Driver

Michael Green has been a Cobb Schools bus driver for one month and has already saved a student’s life.

“I had an elementary student swallow a piece of candy. As we were headed to take them home, one of the kids on the bus told me she was choking, ‘she’s choking. She’s choking.’ So, I looked in the mirror and saw her standing and holding her throat. I pulled the bus over and performed the Heimlich maneuver on her, and I was able to dislodge the piece of candy out of her throat,” recalled the new Cobb bus driver.Cobb%20Schools%20hero%20bus%20driver-11.jpg

That was an experience he had never had before and hopes never to have again. Thankfully, his instincts as a dad kicked in that day. 

“I knew I had to help this little girl, and I was just glad to be able to help her out,” Mr. Green explained.

After his heroics on the bus, Mr. Green took the Mableton Elementary School student back to school so the school staff could care for her until her dad could pick her up.

“He has our deepest thanks for keeping his composure and helping our precious student,” praised Mableton Assistant Principal Lori L. Arends. “I was so proud of his actions, including having the presence of mind to call us and bring her back to the school. He was so humble. Thank you, Mr. Green!” 

After watching their bus driver save the life of their classmate, the other students on the bus may now know that not all heroes wear capes. One of those students had an extra thank you for his heroic bus driver the next time he stepped on the bus. 

“Thanks for saving my sister’s life,” the girl’s little brother told Mr. Green.  

Her dad also thanked the Cobb Schools bus driver for what he did that day. 

During the 36 miles he travels daily, taking students safely to and from school, Mr. Green gets a lot of questions. 

One student asked him why he drives a bus. His answer should put a smile on the students’ faces.Cobb%20Schools%20hero%20bus%20driver-7.jpg

“I chose to drive a bus to work with you kids,” he said. 

He wants to be a difference-maker in the students’ lives. For Mr. Green, safety is first. He has some advice for his students.

“Listen to your driver. No eating on the bus. We specify that all the time—no eating on the bus. Leave suckers at home. Stay safe and safety first,” he said.

Being a bus driver is a new career for Mr. Green, but one month in, he knows it is the place he is meant to be. 

“I’ve never been that guy to switch jobs a lot. I get a job and stay, so I plan to stay here in Cobb County until I’m too old to drive,” said the hero bus driver. “I would definitely recommend [being a bus driver] to one of my friends who was looking for a job.”

In addition to talking to the students every day, the benefits, and seeing different parts of the county as he drives, he also enjoys how his work schedule gives him flexibility during the day.

For those interested in buckling into the hero’s seat of the big yellow bus, learn more about becoming a Cobb Schools bus driver here.