The Inside Scoop: Guarding Against Substance Abuse


There is an alarming rise in the easy availability and drug usage among teenagers nationwide. Today's guests on The Inside Scoop—Public Health Analyst Lori Jouty and Executive Director of Georgia Prevention Project Kaitlin Burkly—discuss the current trends and what can be done to protect and educate our children. 

Parents need to understand that the dangers of modern drugs are different than they were even just a decade ago. The potency and variety of drugs have increased, leading to more severe consequences and higher risks of overdose.

Concentrated amounts of THC in cannabis and the prevalence of deadly fentanyl are two serious dangers faced by today's unsuspecting teenagers. Young people must be educated to understand the risks associated with different substances and the need for proven prevention strategies.

Risk factors for drug abuse among teenagers include individual traits, family dynamics, and peer influences. Positive factors such as optimism, emotional expression, parental attitudes, and community involvement are key to mitigating risks. Safe spaces and affirming peer relationships help to foster a culture of healthy decision-making and substance-free lifestyles.

Despite the challenges of availability and potency, communities must work together to safeguard teenagers and empower them to make informed and healthy choices.

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