Lassiter’s Marching Band Shines Bright in 2024 Fiesta Flambeau Parade

Lassiter band at 2024 Fiesta Flambeau Parade

The Lassiter High School Marching Band recently stepped into the spotlight in San Antonia, Texas, as they demonstrated their exceptional musical talent in the 2024 Fiesta Flambeau Parade. Through unwavering dedication, skill, and relentless hard work, the Cobb band secured an invitation to the world's largest illuminated night parade. 038BE1D1-AB4B-4287-88F1-75DC4C87533B.jpg

The Fiesta Flambeau Parade attracts nearly a million spectators annually and highlights San Antonio's renowned Fiesta San Antonio festivities. Featuring vibrant floats, captivating lights, and enthralling music performances, the parade embodies the rich cultural heritage and artistic vibrancy of San Antonio.

The Lassiter High School Marching Band delivered a stellar performance, capturing the hearts of spectators along the parade route thanks to the esteemed leadership of James E. Thompson, Jr., Director of Bands; Jeff Harper, Associate Director of Bands; Kimberly L. Snyder, Associate Director of Bands; Kyle Parciany, Director of Percussion Studies; Megan Phillips, Color Guard Director; and Trey Gaines, Color Guard Assistant Director. 

"We were incredibly honored to be a part of the 2024 Fiesta Flambeau Parade," Mr. Thompson said. "This invitation is a testament to the dedication and talent of our students, as well as the unwavering support of our school and community. It was an amazing opportunity to bring our passion for music and electrifying energy to the streets of San Antonio."

DSC_6652.jpgBeyond the parade, the trip provided band members with unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. For many, it marked their first time traveling by airplane. The students relished exploring San Antonio's iconic landmarks, including the Riverwalk, the Alamo, Historic Market Square, and SeaWorld. Band staff and chaperones enthusiastically joined in the festivities, even embracing the thrill of riding roller coasters at SeaWorld.

The Fiesta Flambeau Parade presented an unparalleled opportunity for Lassiter students to proudly represent their school and community on a national stage. As they marched through the heart of San Antonio, the band carried the spirit of Lassiter High School and the pride of their achievements.

In addition to being grateful for the opportunity presented by the Fiesta Flambeau Parade, the Lassiter band praised the school community for its unwavering encouragement and support. 

For more information about the Lassiter Marching Band, visit lassiterbands.org. To explore ways to support the band, please visit lassiterbands.org/support. Connect with the band on Facebook and Instagram.