Mission Statement

The mission of Planning is to facilitate sound decision-making by the Board of Education and CCSD Administration in several areas of District operations:

  • Land Property Management
  • Leased Property Management
  • Cell Tower Lease Initiation and Management

The department initiates and leads the process of negotiation for new land acquisitions, rights of way and easements, and maintains property ownership records and land use contracts for the District. Although it rarely occurs, if land is sold by the District, the department may become involved with that process.

The department maintains relationships with those who lease property to the District, and initiates new leases and renewal of existing leases when necessary.

The department is directly responsible for cellular communication tower placement initiatives and ongoing administration of that program for the District. This initiative provides significant additional direct revenue for schools where cell towers are placed and shares the total revenue with all schools.

Information provided by Planning include tabular statistical reports, geographic maps of attendance zones, and other maps. See the FAQ's below for a sampling of what's available. All the map products are shown in Adobe PDF format and may be downloaded free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What school should my child attend?         

Please use the Transportation Department's School and Bus Locator to look up your address and see what school your child should attend.

 Where are the schools located?         

A map of all schools is available for review online and download. The map is available in Adobe PDF format, so you may first need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We are thinking of relocating to Cobb County. We would like to see a map that shows the schools that serve the residential areas we are considering.        

School attendance zone maps are available for review online and download. Please note that Marietta City Schools is a separate school system and is not part of Cobb County School District.


Can my child continue to attend the same school, even though redistricting has placed our home in a different school's attendance zone?         

Cobb County School District Board of Education policy specifically addresses this issue.  Please see Rule AD-R for more information.

What information is available about school facilities? We are interested in size, age, and school capacity vs. student population.         

For information about school facilities, please click here. The document is in Adobe PDF format, so you may first need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

 Where can we get information about new schools planned and built, classroom additions and renovations to existing schools, and other initiatives that are being provided by the school district's Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) income?         

For detailed information about the current SPLOST initiative and all that it provides, please click here.

Who is the elected Cobb County School District Board member who represents the area where we live?        

A school board post map is viewable here.