Administrative and Leadership


For your convenience, listed below are the CCSD Job Descriptions. All Job Descriptions must be approved in the Compensation Office before listing on this website. 

Please note: These documents are Job Descriptions only. Please refer to the vacancy list for open positions. 

Central Office

Assistant Director Accounts Payable

Assistant Director, Assessment & Personalized Learning

Assistant Director, Benefits 

Assistant Director Capital Assets

Assistant Director Capital Project Accounting Accounts Payable

Assistant Director Career Academy

Assistant Director Cash Management

Assistant Director Cobb Virtual Academy

Assistant Director Compensation and Certification

Assistant Director Employment

Assistant Director Elementary Virtual Program

Assistant Director Financial Planning and Analysis

Assistant Director Financial Training & Systems

Assistant Director General Ledger

Assistant Director, Instruction & Innovative Practice

Assistant Director Local School Accounting 

Assistant Director, Maintenance

Assistant Director, Marketing 

Assistant Director, Nursing 

Assistant Director Procurement Services

Assistant Director Related Services

Assistant Director Research and Grants 

Assistant Director, Social Workers

Assistant Director Special Education

Assistant Director Special Education Compliance

Assistant Director Support Services 

Assistant Director Warehouse

Assistant Director Wellness FNS

Associate Director Fleet Maintenance

Associate Director Field Support FNS

Associate Director Technology Support FNS

Compliance, Legal & Legislative Officer

Director, Accountability Programs

Director , Accountability & Property

Director Accountability, Research & Grants

Director Accounting Services

Director Accreditation and Continuous Improvement

Director, Adult Education

Director Applied Learning & Design

Director Assessment and Personalized Learning

Director Athletics

Director Capital Projects Accounting and Accounts Payable

Director Career Academy

Director Cobb Virtual Academy

Director Content and Marketing

Director CTLS Academics 

Director CTLS Technology

Director, Data Analysis

Director, Early Learning Center

Director, Elementary Virtual Program 

Director Enterprise Services

Director, Federal Program, ESOL, Title III, & IWC

Director Federal Programs

Director Field Services Technology

Director Financial Planning and Analysis

Director Financial Systems Capital Assets 

Director Financial Services Special Projects

Director Food Nutrition Services

Director Human Resources Systems

Director Information Systems

Director Infrastructure Services Technology

Director, Instruction & Innovative Practice

Director Instructional Technology

Director Leadership Development

Director Leadership Management

Director Local School Accounting & Internal Compliance

Director Payroll

Director, Planning & Design

Director Policy & Planning

Director Procurement Services

Director, Project Management Technology

Director Scheduling and Allotments

Director Special Student Services

Director , SPLOST

Director Student Assistance Programs

Director Student Discipline 

Director Student Support

Director Transportation

Executive Director Alternative Education

Executive Director Cobb Schools Foundation

Executive Director, Employee Relations & Evaluations

Executive Director Food Nutrition Services

Executive Director Maintenance Services

Executive Dir, Special Education Compliance

Executive Director Support Services

Executive Director Transportation Services

Hearing Officer

Sr Executive Director Business Services

Sr Executive Director, Employment

Sr Executive Director Events & Venue Management

Sr Executive Director Policy Planning Student Support

Sr Executive Director SPLOST

Support and Services Administrator

Local School

Assistant Director, Special Education, HAVEN

Assistant Principal Elementary

Assistant Principal Middle School

Assistant Principal High School

Assistant Principal/Vocational Supervisor HS

Principal Elementary

Principal Middle School

Principal High School

Principal HAVEN Academy at Skyview

Director Adult Education

Director HAVEN Academy