Classified and Professional


For your convenience, listed below are the CCSD Job Descriptions. All Job Descriptions must be approved in the Compensation Office before listing on this website. 

Please note: These documents are Job Descriptions only. Please refer to the vacancy list for open positions. 

After School Program

ASP Account Clerk

ASP Assistant Instructor Classified Regular Ed

ASP Assistant Instructor Classified Special Ed

ASP Custodian

ASP Director

ASP Enrichment Instructor

ASP Instructor Certified Regular Ed

ASP Instructor Certified Special Ed

ASP Student Apprentice

21st Century Assistant Instructor

21st Century Bookkeeper

21st Century Campus Police

21st Century Clerk

21st Century Custodian

21st Century Enrichment Instructor

21st Century Instructor

21st Century Instructor Program Director

21st Century Site Coordinator

Project LEAP ASP Coordinator

Project LEAP ASP Director

Project LEAP ASP Instructor

Reach for the Stars Assistant Instructor

Reach for the Stars ASP Custodian

Reach for the Stars ASP Enrichment Instructor

Reach for the Stars ASP Program Director

Reach for the Stars ASP Site Coordinator

Reach for the Stars ASP Site Specialist

Reach for the Stars ASP Student Apprentice


Absence Management Representative Clerk VI

Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts Payable Technician

Administrative Assistant, CVA

Administrative Assistant, Fleet Maintenance

Administrative Assistant, Foundation

Administrative Assistant Title I

Alternative Education Support Specialist

Assistant Coordinator of School Bus Driver Safety and Training

Athletic Facility Use Clerk, Local School

Benefits Specialist, Retirement

Benefits Specialist Reconciliation of SHBP

Bookkeeper V, Elementary School 

Bookkeeper V Middle School

Bookkeeper VII Adult Ed 

Bookkeeper VII High School

Braille Clerk 

Budget Analyst-Bookkeeper Aspire

Budget Specialist

Budget Technician Special Student Services

Buyer Procurement Services

Capital Projects Accounts Payable Team Lead

Capital Projects Specialist

Capital Projects Technician

Career Center Advisor

Certification Representative

Claims Adjuster Lost Time

Claims Adjuster Medical

Clerk I Local School MS

Clerk I Local School HS

Clerk III, Local School ES 

Clerk III Guidance High School

Clerk III Pupil Personnel Middle School

Clerk III Pupil Personnel High School

Clerk III, Transportation Payroll Assistant

Clerk IV IWC

Clerk V, Policy and Planning

Clerk IV Records Management

Clerk IV Special Education Records

Clerk IV Transportation Office Assistant

Clerk V, Background, Badge and Fingerprinting

Clerk V Employment Verifications

Clerk V Food Nutrition Services 

Clerk V Transportation

Clerk VI Bilingual ESOL/Title III

Clerk VI Claims Support

Clerk VI, Support Services

Clerk VII, Employee Relations

CLLA Administrative Assistant

Compensation Representative

Emergency Communications Operator

Evaluation Specialist VI, ESOL

Executive Secretary I Accountability

Executive Secretary I Leadership

Executive Secretary I Teaching & Learning

Executive Secretary I Teaching & Learning Support and Specialized Services

Executive Secretary III Chief Academic Officer  

Executive Secretary III Financial Services

Executive Secretary III Human Resources

Executive Secretary III Operations

Executive Secretary III Strategy Accountability 

Executive Secretary III Technology Services

Family and Community Support Facilitator

Field Trip Technician, Transportation

Financial Support Specialist

Food Services Accounting Coordinator

Front Desk Receptionist & Switchboard Operator

Grant Technician Professional Learning

Grant Technician, CTAE 

Grant Technician Title I

Grant Technician Title III

HR Representative, Fingerprints and ECH

HR Representative Transportation 

HR Employment Representative

HR Specialist, Employment

Human Resources, Receptionist

Inventory Specialist 

Instructional Aide Adult Ed

Inventory Specialist K-12 Learning Resources 

Lead Benefits Representative 

Leaves Representative

Lunchroom Accounts Payable Clerk

Magnet Clerk High School

Mailroom Representative

Open Records Officer

Parent Facilitator Classified

Parent Facilitator Classified Title I 

Parent Mentor, Special Education

Parent Resource Specialist

Payroll Representative

Payroll Technician Travel

Payroll Technician Travel & FMLA

Payroll Technician Biweekly Payroll

Payroll Technician Manual/Void Payroll

Payroll Technician Monthly Payroll/Even

Payroll Technician Monthly Payroll/Odd

Procurement Technician, Maintenance Services

Project Specialist Food Nutrition Services

Records File Clerk

Registrar Adult Ed

School Financial Specialist 

School Operations Assistant

Secretary IV Applied Learning Design

Secretary IV Assessment Personalized Learning

Secretary IV CTAE and Stem & Innovation

Secretary IV, Dispatching

Secretary IV Instruction Innovative Practice

Secretary IV Local School Elementary

Secretary IV Local School Middle

Secretary IV Local School - HS 

Secretary IV Medicaid

Secretary IV, Payroll Invoice Processing

Secretary IV Psychological Services 218

Secretary IV Psychological Services 238

Secretary IV Related Support 198

Secretary IV Related Support 238

Secretary IV School Counseling, HHB & Positive Culture

Secretary IV School Social Work & Health Services

Secretary IV Special Education

Secretary IV, Work Order Processing

Secretary V Accountability, Research , & Grants

Secretary V Adult Ed

Secretary V Alternative Education

Secretary V Assessment & Personalized Learning

Secretary V Athletics

Secretary V Bilingual

 Secretary V CTLS Support Specialist

Secretary V Communications

Secretary V Digital Transformation

Secretary V ,Federal Programs, Title I

Secretary V Food and Nutrition Services

Secretary V, Instruction & Innovative Practice 

Secretary V Planning

Secretary V SPLOST

Secretary V Special Education

Secretary V Special Student Services

Secretary V Student Assistance Programs

Secretary V Venue Management

Secretary VI Alternative Education

Secretary VI Business Services

Secretary VI CCSD Police Department

Secretary VI Student Discipline

Secretary VI Employment

Secretary VI, Events & Venue Management

Secretary VI Food and Nutrition Services

Secretary VI, Maintenance Services

Secretary VI SPLOST

Secretary VI Student Support

Secretary VI, Support Services

Secretary VI, Transportation

Senior Buyer FNS

Special Education Support Clerk

Special Education Parent Mentor

Student Reporting Specialist

Student Services Clerk Adult Ed

Technology Application Specialist -Special Education 

Technology Trainer Support Specialist

Warehouse Associate

Warehouse Testing Specialist



Custodian II

Custodian Head I

Custodian Head II

Temporary Custodian

Fleet Maintenance

Dispatcher Vehicle Mechanic I

Dispatcher Vehicle Mechanic II

Fleet Maintenance Manager

Helper Fleet Maintenance

Lead Man Body Shop

Lead Man Bus Shop

Mechanic I Vehicle

Mechanic II Vehicle

Mechanic III Vehicle

Mechanic Paint and Body

Food Service

Food Service Assistant

Food Service Assistant Substitute

Food Service Key Person

Food Service Manager Elementary

Food Service Manager Middle School

Food Service Manager High School

Food Services Floating Manager

Manager In Training MIT

Lunchroom Monitor

Maintenance Helper, FNS 

Refrigeration Kitchen Equipment Technician

Refrigeration Kitchen Equipment Technician Foreman

Technology Specialist I FNS

Technology Specialist II FNS


Boiler Mechanic

Building Engineer

Carpenter I

Carpenter II

Carpet Repairperson

Custodial Equipment Mechanic

Design Draftsman Technician


Electrician, Master

Emergency Generator Technician

Equipment Mechanic I

Equipment Mechanic II

Foreman, Groundskeeper Maintenance

Foreman Multi-Trades Maintenance


Grounds Equipment Operator 


Groundskeeper Head

HVAC Foreman DDC and Scheduling

HVAC Foreman Master Technician 

HVAC Technician, Master

HVAC Technician 

Indoor Environment Quality Technician


Low Voltage Systems Technician

Low Voltage Systems Technician, Master

Maintenance Helper



Plumber, Master

Preventive Maintenance Mechanic



Clinic Substitute Licensed

Clinic Substitute Unlicensed

Consulting Nurse

County Wide Nurse Special Education

School Based Nurse Special Education

School Nurse

School Nurse Itinerate

Supply School Nurse


Accounting Manager P-Card and Expenditures

Accounts Receivable Manager

Accounts Reconciliation Coordinator

Adult Education Lead Instructor, Data Coordinator 

Adult Education Program Testing Manager 

Application Analyst Information Systems

Assessment Data Manager

Business Analyst Information Services

Budget Analyst

Budget Coordinator

Budget Manager

Capital Asset Specialist

Capital Projects Accounts Payable Accountant

Capital Projects Accounts Payable Accounting Coordinator

Capital Projects Finance Manager

Cash Receipts Coordinator 

Communications Analytics Supervisor

Communications Specialist

Compensation and Certification Specialist

Compliance Manager Title III

Construction Manager

Coordinator, Adult Education 

Coordinator Employment, Recruiting Classified

Coordinator Fleet Maintenance

Coordinator FNS

Coordinator Kitchen Maintenance

Coordinator of Student Reporting

Customer Care Center Analyst

Digital and Multimedia Specialist

Digital Content Specialist

Digital Media Producer

Emergency Management Specialist

Employment Recruiting Coordinator

Event Coordinator

ES & MS Testing Program Manager

Evaluations Systems Technician

Family and Community Support Facilitator

Facility Use Supervisor

Financial Accountant

Financial Accounting Manager

Financial Business Analyst

Financial Coordinator LSA and IC

Financial Staff Accountant

Financial Systems Analyst

Financial Systems Coordinator

Financial Systems Manager

Financial Systems Specialist

GED Chief Examiner Adult Ed

GED Examiner Adult Ed

General Accountant

High School Testing Program Manager

Human Resources & Investigations Manager 238

Human Resources & Investigations Manager FNS

Human Resources, Data Analyst I

Human Resources, Data Analyst II

Human Resources, Senior Technology Analyst

Infrastructure Technician I Technology

Infrastructure Technician II 

Instructor Adult Ed

Interpreter ESOL IWC

Investigations Manager 188 Human Resources

K12 Textbook Coordinator Learning Resources PVL

Language Facilitator IWC

Lead Data Coordinator

Lead Payroll Technician, Biweekly & Misc Payrolls

Lead Payroll Technician , Monthly

Leadership Management Specialist

Learning Resources Manager

Local School and Internal Compliance Specialist 

Manager Accounts Payable

Manager Capital Projects Accounting/Accounts Payable

Manager Food Services Accounting

Manager Local School Accounting Internal Compliance 

Manager, Logistics

Manager Operations, Events

Manager Position Control

Marketing Manager

Mentoring Coordinator ARPF Grant 

Online Instructor, Adult Education

Parent Resource Specialist Title III

Parent Resource Specialist 

Parts Warranty Coordinator

Payroll Accountant

Payroll Accounting Manager

Payroll Manager

Position Analyst

Press Relations Coordinator

Procurement Card Specialist

Procurement Technician, Maintenance Services

Program, Manager SPLOST

Project Specialist

Purchasing Agent

Regulations Supervisor Food Nutrition Services

Senior Buyer Procurement Services

Senior Buyer Food Nutrition Services

Senior, Claims Adjuster

Services Coordinator

Software Engineer I HRMS Payroll

Software Engineer I Information Systems

Software Engineer II District Webmaster

Software Engineer II HRMS Payroll

Software Engineer II Information Systems

Software Engineer II SPLOST

Special Education Assistive Technology Support Specialist

Special Projects Facilitator FNS

Student Learning Objectives Program Manager

Student Reporting Facilitator

Student Support Data Facilitator

Supervisor Absence Management

Supervisor Assessment & Personalized Learning

Supervisor Bus Shop

Supervisor Human Resources Evaluation Systems

Supervisor Human Resources Hiring

Supervisor Lassiter Concert Hall

Supervisor Maintenance

Supervisor, Maintenance, Building Engineers, Custodial Services, Pest Control, Sanitation, and Recycling

Supervisor, Maintenance, Electrical (High & Low Voltage)

Supervisor, Maintenance, IEQ Roofing Ceiling Tile

Supervisor Maintenance Plumbing

Supervisor Property Control

Supervisor Records Management

Supervisor Risk Management

Supervisor School Health Services

Systems Architect IV, Team Lead

Systems Engineer I Disaster Recovery

Systems Engineer I Email

Systems Engineer I

Systems Engineer I Field Services

Systems Engineer I Security

Systems Engineer I System Administrator

Systems Engineer II CCC Field Services

Systems Engineer II Field Services

Systems Engineer II Email

Systems Engineer II Enterprise Services

Systems Engineer II Infrastructure

Systems Engineer III, Network Services

Systems Engineer III Field Services

Systems Engineer III Infrastructure

Team Lead Customer Care Center

Team Lead Field Services Technology

Technician I Field Services Technology

Technician II Field Services Technology

Technician II Audio Visual Technology

Technology Application Specialist

Technical Production Manager

Technology Specialist I FNS

Technology Specialist II FNS

Telecom Technician

Transition Specialist Temporary

Truancy Coordinator

Vendor and Documentation Specialist Technology

Venue Management Coordinator

Video Services Team Lead

Warehouse Coordinator

CCSD Police Department

Chief of Police

Captain CCSD Police Department

Lieutenant CCSD Police Department

Sergeant CCSD Police Department

Police Officer

Emergency Communications Operator

Emergency Management Specialist

Secretary VI, CCSD Police Department

School Crossing Guard

Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) Records


Area Supervisor, Transportation

Coordinator of School Bus Driver Safety and Training

Dispatcher Transportation

Field Coordinator Transportation 

Field Trip Coordinator, Transportation

Logistics Specialist Transportation

Logistics Specialist Transportation SPED

Receptionist, Transportation

School Bus Driver

School Bus Driver, SPED

School Bus Driver, Relief

School Bus Monitor, SPED

School Bus Monitor, Relief

SPED Transportation Supervisor

SPED Transportation, Supervisor Assistant


AVID Facilitator (Non-Certified)

Tutor Certified

Tutor, CRCT Remediation (Certified)

Tutor, Extended Day 20 Day Fund TUT3

Tutor, Homeless Students (Certified)

Tutor, Neglected & Delinquent (Certified)

Tutor, Private School Title I 

Tutor, Title I (Certified)

Tutor, Title I, HS Math (Certified)

Tutor, Title I, MS Math (Certified)

Warehouse Inventory

Delivery Person, FNS

Warehouse & Delivery Foreman, FNS

Warehouseman, FNS

Warehouse Associate 

Warehouse Foreman