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Sandra Murray, Assistant Director
Special Education
770-426-3328 | Email

Sandra Murray  serves as an Assistant Director of Special Education for the Cobb County School District. Sandra has experience in supporting students with disabilities at the school and district level. She has served the Cobb County School District in the roles of Classroom Teacher, Intellectual Disabilities Trainer, Support Specialist, Supervisor of Special Education Compliance, and Special Education Program Supervisor. Sandra is passionate about supporting teams to create positive learning environments that foster student engagement, utilizing effective instructional strategies, and supporting the social and emotional development of all students.

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Kristin Pewitt
Transition Consultant

Kristin Pewitt is the Transition Coordinator for the Cobb County School District. She coordinates the Transition Services Programs for students with disabilities who are 18-22 years old. Kristin also works with the Transition Services staff that support classroom teachers, students, and families. She has 10 years of classroom experience as a teacher for students with disabilities and an additional 10 years of experience working with students with disabilities who are transitioning from school to the post-secondary world. Ms. Pewitt is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities achieve their post-secondary goals and become valued members of the community.

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Kelly Buice
Transition Resource Specialist

Allison Burgamy
Transition Resource Specialist

Teresa Clackum
Transition Resource Specialist

Amanda Hall
Community Based Skills Training Manager

Diane Latessa
Transition Resource Specialist

Terri Woodward
Transition Resource Specialist

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Transition Events


transitionservices_flyer_011824.74961f93954.png2023- 2024 Transition Services Resource Fair

2023- 2024 Transition Talks2023- 2024 Transition Talks

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Overview of Transition Program for ParentsOverview of Transition Program for Parents

Virtual Transition Talk One: Overview of Transition ProgramVirtual Transition Talk One: Overview of Transition Program

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SSI and The Basics of Financial PlanningSSI and The Basics of Financial Planning

Virtual Transition Talk Two: SSI and Financial PlanningVirtual Transition Talk Two: SSI and Financial Planning

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2023-2024 Guardianship for ParentsGuardianship for Parents

Virtual Transition Talk Three: GuardianshipVirtual Transition Talk Three: Guardianship

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Georgia Medicaid WaiverGeorgia Medicaid Waiver

Virtual Transition Talk Four: Medicaid WaiversVirtual Transition Talk Four: Medicaid Waivers

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sped_transtionservices_virtualtalk5_022224.8f1d9e95907.pngVirtual Transition Talk Five: Accommodations in College

Virtual Transition Talk Five: Accommodations in CollegeVirtual Transition Talk Five: Accommodations in College

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2023- 2024 Transition Talks


Community Resources Guide

Community Resources Guide

What does CCSD's Transition Services Team Do?


The Transition Services Team for Cobb County School District works to make sure students with disabilities and their families are prepared to make the transition into post-high school life.

Each high school and middle school in the district has a Transition Resource Specialist (TRS) assigned to support the school.

Transition Resource Specialists

  • Meet with graduating seniors to help them connect with post-secondary agencies and advise them on next steps.
  • Advise students with disabilities and families about post-secondary options in the areas of employment, education/training, community access, and independent living.
  • Schedule and host a variety of events and speakers to help students with disabilities and their families learn more about post-secondary funding sources and post-secondary education, training, employment, and independent living opportunities.
  • Guide case managers, students with disabilities, and their families in the transition planning process.
  • Support Transition Services programs for students with disabilities who are 18-22 years old.



Transition Services Programs for Students with Disabilities 18-22 Years Old


Cobb County School District has several options for students with disabilities who are at least 18 years old, have completed academic and testing requirements for graduation*, but are still eligible for special education services. Decisions regarding participation in Transition Programs/Classes are made through the IEP process.

Transition Services Programs include: Transition Classes, Project Life, and Supported Work-Based Learning.
Transition Classes

  • Instruction in Transition classes focuses on independent living/daily living skills, community access skills, and employability or pre-employment skills.
  • There are several Transition classes designed to meet the various needs of students at a variety of independence levels. Determinations about which class may meet a student’s needs are made through the IEP process.
  • Currently, Transition classes are located at Allatoona High School, Harrison High School, Hillgrove High School, Kennesaw Mountain High School, North Cobb High School, Osborne High School, Pebblebrook High School, Pope High School, South Cobb High School, and Wheeler High School.

Project Life

  • Project Life consists of the Corporate Classroom Program and the SETS (Students Exploring Transition Services) Program.
  • Project Life classes are not located at CCSD high schools.
    • Currently the Corporate Classroom program is located at the Instructional Support Center for Cobb County School District.
    • The SETS Program classes are located on the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses of Kennesaw State University.
  • Students in Project Life programs participate in unpaid internships/volunteer opportunities in order to improve employability skills.
  • Students in Project Life programs are introduced to adult responsibilities through their internships/volunteer opportunities, classroom instruction, and community-based instruction.
  • Participation in Project Life programs requires a high level of independence.

Supported Work-Based Learning

Supported Work-Based Learning (SWBL) is an extension of Cobb County School District’s Work-Based Learning Program. Students must meet similar requirements in order to participate in SWBL. *Students may participate in SWBL while completing other credit and testing requirements for graduation.

  • SWBL is located at CCSD’s Kennesaw Warehouse.
  • Students in SWBL must provide their own transportation.
  • SWBL is a ½ day program (either morning or afternoon).

Information Guides for Frequently Asked Transition Planning Questions


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