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  • The Transition Services Team serves the Cobb County School District.
  • Transition Resource Specialists (TRS) help assist students with disabilities and their families with the transition to post-school life in several ways. Each high school in the district has a TRS assigned to work with that school.
  • Transition Resource Specialists:
    • Meet with graduating seniors to help them connect to post-secondary agencies.
    • Advise students on post-secondary options.
    • Provide applications and guidance for students who are applying for a Transition Services Program.
    • Schedule a variety of events and speakers to help students with disabilities and their families find out more about post-secondary education, training, and independent living opportunities.
    • Guide teachers, students with disabilities, and their parents in the transition planning process.
  • Transition Services team members also support middle and elementary schools on an as needed basis.

Transition Services Community Resource Guide



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