Barber Principal Tia Amlett Named Acworth Citizen of the Year

Principal Tia Amlett named Acworth Citizen of the Year

The Cobb Chamber’s Northwest Cobb Area Council, which represents Northwest Cobb’s three distinct districts of Acworth, Kennesaw, and West Cobb, recently named Barber Middle School Principal Tia Amlett the 2021 Acworth Citizen of the Year. 

The Citizen of the Year Awards are given to honor an individual whose impact through the years will be recognized and regarded with pride throughout the area as a role model. The outstanding citizens, like Principal Amlett, are chosen for their definable, exceptional deeds, with which they have made their community a better place to live. Awards are given based on local area nominations. 

Principal Amlett is a servant leader who is both humble and kind. The Acworth Citizen of the Year is in tune with the needs, struggles, and challenges that her staff and school families face, and she finds ways to keep those individuals uplifted. During the challenges of the past two years, Principal Amlett has remained a strong and steadfast advocate for teachers, students, and parents. She continues to work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met. 

As Barber’s principal, she makes the intentional effort to greet each student by name as they climb off the bus in the morning. She knows every student in her school and makes sure they know that they are important and cared for. According to the Cobb Chamber, it is nearly impossible to know the full impact of her service. Principal Amlett does it all to support and lead others without desire for anything in return. While students, parents, and the community may not remember the specific details of their interactions with her, they will always remember how valued she made them feel. 

Under Principal Amlett’s leadership, Barber Middle School was named a Title 1 Reward School, a distinction earned by those schools that are ranked in the top 5 percent of Title 1 Schools in the state. Barber Middle School was also awarded STEM School Certification by the Cobb County School District during that same period. What others might view as a challenge, Principal Amlett sees as an opportunity for success time and time again.

The 2021 Northwest Cobb Citizen of the Year awards were presented at the Northwest Cobb Area Council breakfast at the Governors Gun Club.