11 Cobb Schools Named 2021 Title I Reward Schools

Smiling students

The Georgia Department of Education named 11 Cobb Schools Title I Reward Schools for 2021.

A Title I Reward School is a Title I school among the 5-percent of Title I schools in that state that is making the most progress in improving the performance of the all-students group over the most recent two years on the statewide assessments. 

Cobb Schools Title I Reward Schools:

    Barber Middle School

    Birney Elementary School

    Compton Elementary School

    East Cobb Middle School

    Garrett Middle School

    Green Acres Elementary School

    Lindley 6th Grade Academy

    McCall Primary School

    Milford Elementary School

    Norton Park Elementary School

    Powder Springs Elementary School

Barber Middle School also recently earned accolades on the national stage.

Barber Students’ Community of the Future Design Named #1 in Nation

Next year, one of the 11 reward schools will have a new principal continuing the school’s legacy of success.

Learn about Birney Elementary School's new principal with the Q&A with Principal Craig Dills.