Cobb County Fire Department Recognizes School Heroes

Brumby Elementary School staff members are recognized for providing live saving assistance to bus driver Wayne Adams

Schools are filled with heroes. Two of those school heroes were recently honored for providing life-saving aid to one of their fellow Cobb team members at Brumby Elementary School.

The Cobb County Fire Department personnel visited the school to recognize Brumby’s school nurse Karetha Milton and Assistant Principal Wendy Rice, for coming to the aid of Cobb Schools bus driver Wayne Adams who collapsed after a bus run earlier in the school year.

“Our staff trains for emergencies on a regular basis. We have a fantastic team that truly knows what to do when there is an emergency at Brumby,” praised Brumby’s principal, Dr. Amanda Richie. “Our nurse, Karetha Milton, and our AP, Wendy Rice, are always leaders as we go through our regular drills. These two ladies are truly our heroes every day at Brumby!”

Mr. Adams and his family were at Brumby when the Cobb County Fire Department presented Brumby’s assistant principal and nurse with a plaque thanking them for their heroic actions. A host of Cobb County first responders attended the recognition ceremony with a backdrop of a big red fire engine. 


Mr. Adams’ family went through the line of firefighters in attendance and hero Brumby staff to express their gratitude for their quick and life-saving response. The Brumby staff members were also joined by their families for the recognition of the school staff.

Although the Cobb Fire Department focused the recognition on the two primary Brumby staff members who helped save Mr. Adams’ life, other Brumby team members also immediately jumped in to assist. Those team members include Brumby clerk Rhyann Moore-Pate and ASP staff Antonio Strickland and Mark Livingston. 

The Brumby team members are just a few examples of the heroes among us in Cobb.