Dickerson Students Collect 1,000+ Books for Students in Need


This season, students at Dickerson Middle School once again gave the gift of reading to students in need. For the school’s 5th annual book drive, Dickerson students collected 1,265 books to donate to students who attend Waverly Elementary School and Waverly Jr. High School. The two schools in Tennessee were destroyed by floods this past August. Combined, about 1,100 students attend the two schools.

Floodwaters ruined the libraries at both schools, as well as their teachers’ classroom libraries. The school district has purchased an old boot factory to renovate to house grades K-8 starting next fall while the schools are rebuilt over the next four to five years. 

“Because we have lots of books that others may not have, it is important that we share what we have,” said Zoe, a sixth-grader at Dickerson.

The Tennessee teachers and students are looking forward to receiving the donated books over the winter break.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Our kids are eager to read again,” Jeni Lill, a teacher at Waverly Jr. High, wrote after learning of the boxes of books headed to Tennessee. 

Dickerson’s students understand the value of their gifts and what they will mean to their fellow students in Tennessee.

“It’s important that we have a book drive because books are amazing, and everyone should have an opportunity to read them,” said Dickerson sixth-grader Addison.

Dickerson’s Pay It Forward Club sponsors the annual book drive, collecting other donations for those in need throughout the school year.



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