The Inside Scoop: Cobb’s Elementary Virtual Option

The Inside Scoop on Cobb's Elementary Virtual Option

In Episode 7 of the Inside Scoop podcast, host David Owen discusses Cobb’s Elementary Virtual Option with Dr. Ashley Beasley, who serves as the director of the District’s Elementary Virtual program.

The Elementary Virtual Program provides Cobb families learning flexibility, especially for those with health concerns for their students or other family members. According to Dr. Beasley, some students are flourishing in the virtual program because it meets the needs of their families and matches their personality and learning style. 

“A month into the school year now, it's amazing what our staff has been able to do. We are able to keep our students engaged, using engagement tools like Lumio. Whatever the teacher is showing, they can do their work on the screen. If it's moving math, manipulatives or writing, the teacher can see live what they're doing and provide immediate feedback to each,” explained Dr. Beasley, a graduate of Cobb Schools herself. 

The Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS) is also an important tool used by students enrolled in the Elementary Virtual program to stay connected with their teachers and receive immediate feedback on their assignments.

The majority of our staff supporting the Elementary Virtual Program formerly served as Cobb teachers in a traditional classroom setting and now are based out of three elementary school buildings: Kennesaw Elementary School, Acworth Elementary School, and Lewis Elementary School

The teachers are constantly learning and training and are interacting with each other much more frequently this year because they're right next door to each other.

Cobb’s Virtual Elementary program includes specials, like P.E. and Art, and teachers added a new student-to-student socialization session this year.

The podcast provides more details on Cobb’s Elementary Virtual program and explains how the program differs from the Cobb Online Learning Academy, what kind of training prepares teachers for their new role, how the program’s mascot inspires students, and so much more.

Click here to listen to this podcast and learn more about the flexibility that Cobb’s Elementary Virtual program provides families.