The Inside Scoop: Crisis and Communication


With 107,000 students in 112 school buildings, there is always a lot going on at Cobb Schools. Safety for staff and students is always a top concern for the District and Superintendent Ragsdale. However, many challenges and considerations are involved in communicating with stakeholders during crises. 

Today's episode of The Inside Scoop discusses the complexities of communicating during and after a crisis. Podcast host David Owen is joined by John Floresta, Chief Strategy and Accountability Officer; Josh Morreale, Assistant Superintendent of School Safety and Operations; and Gretchen Walton, Assistant Superintendent of Compliance and Legislative Affairs.

As parents themselves, today's guests recognize the need to provide information quickly about school safety and possible crises, but legal restrictions, privacy concerns, and ongoing investigations must be considered. The District uses various communication channels to keep parents informed, including CTLS Parent, text messages, and emails. However, the process takes time and involves verifying facts, ensuring police involvement if necessary, and complying with the law.

Throughout the conversation, they reiterate Cobb's dedication to student safety and commitment to promptly informing parents and the community while maintaining accurate information. 

Click here to listen to this important and eye-opening discussion about District communication.