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School Counselor Intern and Practicum Guide

The Mission of the Cobb County School Counseling program is to assist students in overcoming barriers that impede learning. The goal of all Cobb County Professional School Counselors is to implement a standards-based comprehensive school counseling program that:

  • Includes a curriculum addressing the needs of all students in the domains of academic, personal/social, and career development
  • Provides specialized interventions based on identified student needs
  • Assists students in acquiring appropriate attitudes, knowledge, and communication skills to promote healthy relationships
  • Enhances the ability of students to identify and utilize the appropriate resources needed for post-secondary success
  • Creates positive relationships with students fostering personal growth, service to others, and academic achievement
  • Advocates for all students encouraging them to develop to their fullest potential
  • Encourages counselors to consult and collaborate with other educators, parents, and community on behalf of all students

School Counseling Internship Program

The Office of School Counseling is excited to invite prepared school counseling interns to complete a practicum and/or an internship in the Cobb County School District! Our School Counseling Internship Program has been developed to assist CCSD school counselors in partnering with an intern in order to positively impact student achievement while exposing future counseling professionals to evidence-based academic, social/emotional, and college and career programming within CCSD.

For students planning to begin practicum/internship in the:

Fall (August-December)–  The application deadline is:  April 1
Spring (January-May)– The application deadline is:  November 1

***This is a year-long internship with the Cobb County School District. You need to commit to spending your entire year in Cobb County.

School Counseling Internship Application

Thank you for your interest in the CCSD School Counseling Internship Program! Before registering, please review this guide in its entirety, so you can successfully complete the eligibility process. Registration includes three separate steps which will ensure CCSD schools have qualified school counselor interns working with students.

Step 1: Apply as a School Counseling Intern

Prospective interns must complete the online CCSD School Counseling Internship Application, which requires general student information.

For students planning to begin practicum/internship in the:

  • Fall (August-December)
    • Deadline:  April 1 
    • Application Window: March 1-April 1
    • Apply Here (Link only available during the application window)


  • Spring (January-May)
    • Dealine: November 1
    • Application Window: October 1-November 1
    • Apply Here  (Link only available during the application window)


Prospective interns are strongly encouraged to complete registration as early in the window as possible. Once registration is completed, CCSD will review. ***Interns may concurrently begin Step 2 & 3 of the process. 

Step 2: Contact the Cobb County Office of Human Resources 

Perspective interns must complete an application with the Office of Human Resources at: https://forms.office.com/r/Etusx4pDru. The following forms must be completed and submitted to Nancy Gospodareck at Nancy.Gospodareck@cobbk12.org.

  1. Background Check

Step 3: Additional Requirements 

1. Obtain a professional liability insurance policy of at least one million dollars per occurrence or claim. Maintain a proof of insurance for your records.

Step 4: Receive Approval

After CCSD reviews the completed application components from Step 1-3, prospective interns will be sent the Report to Service notification. Report to Service is an email notifying candidates that they have been approved to report to their CCSD placement site. Most interns will receive this notification in July (fall)/December (spring).

  • Students must present their Report to Service notification to the approved site supervisor on the first day of the internship term.
  • Prospective school counseling interns who have not received a Report to Service notification may not begin interning and must work with their university coordinator and CCSD to receive clearance.
School Counseling Internship Program Flyer

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