Sanders Elementary Celebrates 25 Years!

Sanders Elementary School celebrates 25 years

When Sanders Elementary School welcomed its first year of students 25 years ago, the parents of the school’s current students were most likely still in elementary school themselves. 

This year, Sanders’ students looked back at memories from that inaugural year when staff opened a time 20220902_091830.jpgcapsule in commemoration of the school’s 25th silver anniversary.

The time capsule included items from pop culture, class information, photos, student writing, mementoes, and more.

The Sanders’ students sealed memories of their own in a time capsule to be opened when the school celebrates its 50th anniversary, a mere 25 years down the road. 20220902_091244.jpg

Sanders Elementary School was named after Roy Mayes Sanders, a lifelong resident of Cobb County and dedicated school bus driver.

He drove a school bus for several decades in the South Cobb area. In the early 1930’s, there were no funds available to purchase buses, so Mr. Sanders built the body of his first bus out of wood. At the time, buses were painted various colors including red, white, and blue. Mr. Sanders decided to paint his bus yellow and was instrumental in getting “yellow” designated as the official color of buses in the State of Georgia. He always made his bus available for field trips, ball games, and other school functions.

The school’s namesake served as president of the Georgia School Bus Drivers Association for many years and was credited with improvements to the school bus system and benefits for drivers.

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