Cobb Schools BOE Votes Approve Legislative Priorities for 2023

Cobb Schools Board of Education Meeting

The Cobb Schools Board of Education voted to approve the following legislative priorities for 2023: financial sustainability, educational access, and accuracy in accountability.   

“Following the pandemic and more recent shifts in the economy, our priorities are even more crucial to the success of our students, teachers, and entire District. Our legislative priorities emphasize the needs of our students and teachers and highlight the importance of looking ahead to their future needs,” said Board Chair David Chastain. 


In order to maintain financial sustainability and continue to provide for student needs, the legislature must oppose diverting funds from public education and sustain current levels of funding for therapeutic supports for students with disabilities.  

Secondly, the District encourages the legislature to prioritize the needs of teachers by sustaining the Teachers Retirement System as currently structured, establishing an alternative diploma pathway, incentivizing higher education for teachers, and applying charter waivers to SWSS systems.  

Lastly, the Board members continued the District’s focus on accuracy in accountability by voting for legislative priority that includes applying the same standards of accountability to all recipients of public money for education, revising SB 68 to require quarterly financial updates instead of monthly, and streamlining the complaint processes found in HB 1084, HB 1178, and SB 226. 

In addition to approving the 2023 legislative priorities, the Board members recognized five schools for recently earning the District’s STEM certification and two schools for earning the District’s STEAM certification.   

Cobb STEM Certification: 

  • Dodgen Middle School  
  • Harrison High School  
  • McEachern High School  
  • Norton Park Elementary School  
  • Tapp Middle School  

Cobb STEAM Certifications: 

  • Dowell Elementary School  
  • Mabry Middle School  

The Cobb STEM Certification recognizes schools that provide students with STEM-enriched learning opportunities and are committed to helping students cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for future success in STEM-related college and career fields.   

More than 40 Cobb schools have earned Cobb STEM certifications, and five schools have the added Cobb STEAM certification. For a complete list of schools with STEM and STEAM certifications, go here.   

The Board voted to approve the following Ed-SPLOST projects:   

  • ACTION AGENDA ITEM #3 – Recommendation to Convey Right-of-Way and a Temporary Construction Easement at Dickerson Middle School  
  • ACTION AGENDA ITEM #4 – Recommendation for Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with Cobb County for the Purposes of Installing, Maintaining, and Operating Communication Facilities to Connect CCSD Buildings that Span Cobb County Right-of-Way  
  • ACTION AGENDA ITEM #5 – Board Resolution to Rescind a Portion of the Roof Replacement at Campbell Middle School Facility and LaBelle Elementary School Facility from the Previously Submitted FY2021 State Capital Outlay Application for State Capital Outlay Funding  
  • ACTION AGENDA ITEM #6 – Recommendation for Approval of Guaranteed Maximum Price - Equipment and Materials for South Cobb High School Gymnasium Addition and Renovations  
  • ACTION AGENDA ITEM #7 – Recommendation for Approval of Guaranteed Maximum Price - Equipment and Materials for the Conversion of Lindley 6th Grade Academy to Betty Gray Middle School ACTION  
  • AGENDA ITEM #8 – Recommendation for Approval of Guaranteed Maximum Price - Equipment and Materials for Dickerson Middle School Classroom Addition  
  • ACTION AGENDA ITEM #9 – Recommendation for Approval to Award Contracts for Awtrey Middle School and Daniell Middle School HVAC Upgrades  

ACTION AGENDA ITEM #10 – Recommendation for Approval to Award Contracts for Barber Middle School, Garrison Mill Elementary School, Lost Mountain Middle School, and Rocky Mount Elementary School Flooring Replacement  

Board Recognitions:   

Senator Lindsey Tippins Recognition  Senator%20Lindsey%20Tippins%20Recognition-28.jpgCobb STEM Certification – Norton Park Elementary School  Cobb%20STEM%20Certification%20–%20Norton%20Park%20Elementary%20School.jpg

Cobb STEM Certification – Dodgen Middle School  


Cobb STEM Certification – Tapp Middle School  

Cobb%20STEM%20Certification%20–%20Tapp%20Middle%20School%20(1).jpgCobb STEM Certification – McEachern High School 


Cognia STEM Certification – Harrison High School  Cognia%20STEM%20Certification%20–%20Harrison%20High%20School.jpg

Cobb STEAM Certification – Dowell Elementary School  


Cobb STEAM Certification and Cognia STEM Recertification – Mabry Middle School  


Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2022 Elementary Teacher of Excellence Award – Danielle Lanigan  Georgia%20Council%20of%20Teachers%20of%20Mathematics%202022%20Elementary%20Teacher%20of%20Excellence%20Award%20–%20Danielle%20Lanigan.jpg

Georgia Council of Supervisors of Mathematics 2022 Outstanding Leadership Award – Michelle Mikes